A new non-national sausage company was launched in Reykjavik, Saturday 17 June 2006. The event was a turning point for sausage culture, and the history of sausage business.

The sausage was launched on the icelandic national day, and offered an alternative to the national sausage which the Icelandics eat in great quantity on that day. Kolbasoj Sen Limoj, which means “Sausages Without Borders” in Esperanto, produces non-national sausages of quality consisting exclusively of organic local lamb meat.

The launch of Kolbasoj sen Limoj took place at the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik. During the event Icelanders could sample a new kind of hotdog, which featured the new Kolbasoj sen Limoj lamb sausage, as well as fresh artisan sausage bread and a special KSL red pepper sauce. The event also featured a speech, interpreted by the famous Esperanto poet Baldur Ragnarsson.